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Developing a medical leader


A newly appointed Associate Medical Director of a leading Mental Health Trust wanted to become more effective in influencing her colleagues, gaining support from both clinical colleagues for changes to services that they wanted to introduce and from a management team who made 'ill-informed decisions' that impacted negatively on the public.

Programme and method

Eight coaching sessions. The first an assessment using the MBTI as a tool together with agreement on coaching goals, then six 2-hour sessions over 12 months and a final follow-up session.

Oxford Executive helped to identify the client's goals: to be more self confident working in a managerial setting, to make more effective contributions in meetings, to gain support and respect of her medical colleagues, to develop better collaborative working relationships with her management colleagues and to be more robust in 'holding to account' staff reporting to her.


Both the client and her Chief Executive were pleased with the results of the coaching programme.

The client learned to trust and rely on her insight and strengths. She realised that the manners and language of her ethnic origins were ineffective in the more, to her, 'cold and fierce' organisation in which she found herself. She acquired the skills to contribute robustly to senior management meetings. She also decided to 'engage and educate' management in more clinical aspects of mental health by inviting them to meetings before decisions were taken.

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