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Building a new management team


A large acute NHS Foundation Trust had established an independent department of psychological services within one of its Directorates. A new head of the service had been appointed and a number of clinical psychologists transferred form another Trust.  A new management team was to be created with some members of this group of clinical psychologists. Oxford Executive Coaching was contracted to provide leadership and managment development for the head of the service, individual professional and management development for the members of the new management team and team development for the whole team.The head of the service, who commissioned the work, was new to the Trust and to working in an acute Trust. The clinical psychologists transferred into the acute Trust had experienced significant disruption arising from the move.

Programme and method

This work was carried out over a ten month period. It commenced with a cultural audit of the service, which included all members of the management team, representives of the staff in the service and the management of the Trust Directorate responsible for the service. This was followed by coaching for the head of the service, which continued for a total of seven sessions, with two coaches, together with coaching for individual members of the management team, who had five coaching sessions each, including MBTI feedback. Three away days were held during the programme to address issues identified in the cultural audit and to develop collaborative working within the management team. As a result of the cultural audit and individual work with the members of the senior management team, membership of the team changed during the course of the work.


The psychological services management team developed as a confident, coherent team, delivering an improved service within the Trust. Patient services improved. The head of the service described the overall outcome of the work as 'very successful'.

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