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Oxford Executive Coaching's mission is to make a real and lasting difference to people and organisations. We are passionate about improving the performance of individuals, teams and businesses.

Founded in 1988 by Maire Brankin, we are one of the longest established coaching companies in the UK. Our clients are senior managers and teams, typically at Board level, with whom we work to build on their existing leadership and management skills and develop their teams and organisations.

We've always believed it's important to understand the culture of an organisation before you can successfully coach individuals within it. And in today's demanding environment it's even more important that people work as part of a team, not merely as efficient individuals.

On an individual level, achieving one's best performance requires change. Our job is to help people discover those changes that will transform their levels of achievement and release their true talent.

And while individual coaching improves individual performance, it doesn't necessarily benefit the organisation. Which is why we work with senior directors and managers to improve team performance, and with Chairman and CEO's to transform corporate cultures.

All our customers and clients are different, so all our programmes are tailor made to suit them. We aim to do everything we do to the highest standards. Our strongest recommendation is that, after 25 years, most of our work still comes through referral from our past customers and clients.

Take a look at our case studies and judge us by the results we've helped our customers and clients achieve.

We subscribe to the Code of Ethics published by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council